Ethical Management

Celltrion is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities based on fair and transparent business operations and ethical practices to earn trust from various stakeholders such as partners, customers, and institutions. In addition, we have established and shared our Ethics Charter, which serves as a standard for proper behavior and value judgment, Ethics Regulations, which contain specific rules and standards for employee behavior, and Code of Ethical Conduct, respectively.

Compliance Management

Celltrion implements compliance management to establish clear standards for all employees to follow in their work and to ensure a healthy corporate culture. Furthermore, through a dedicated department under the CEO, we have established a Compliance Management System for essential areas such as anti-corruption, fair trade, intellectual property, personal information, human resources and labor, environmental safety, and healthcare to prevent possible risks and to support and strengthen compliance activities.

If you have any compliance concern, you can report it anonymously and your identity will be protected.


Celltrion is dedicated to protect shareholders' rights and establish transparent and sound governance. The Board of Directors is operated based on the principles of independence, expertise and diversity. Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Independent Director Candidate Recommendation Committee and ESG Committee exist under the direct control of the Board. We will continuously improve corporate values through checks and cooperation among the Board of Directors and its committees.