Celltrion is a leading global biopharmaceutical company
dedicated to improving the health and well-being of patients.


We have presented a new paradigm to the global
biologics market with the launch of the world's
first monoclonal antibody biosimilar.


Celltrion will continue to pursue its goal
in promoting the health and well-being of patients.

Mission We are working to create a healthier tomorrow where no patients are left untreated

Celltrion will continue to push its scientific and medical boundaries to help patients return to their everyday lives in full wellness.

Vision We innovate to provide more treatment options for patients around the world

For over 20 years, we increased treatment accessibility by providing advanced and affordable treatment options for patients. Celltrion will continue to elevate our breakthroughs by expanding drug portfolio to create a healthier world for everyone.

At a Glance

Developer of world's first mAb biosimilar 'Remsima'

Transformation of Global Healthcare Paradigm

Celltrion has introduced a new paradigm to the global biologics market by unveiling the world's first antibody biosimilar. Biosimilars exhibit no clinical disparities in terms of quality, efficacy and safety when compared to original biologics. These cost-effective alternatives, which are equally as effective as their higher-priced counterparts, allow a larger population to access quality medical care while alleviating the financial strain in public healthcare systems.

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Global sales approval status

Expertise in Biologics Development Recognized by Regulators Across the World

Celltrion, with its clinical trial and regulatory approval experiences and know-hows, has received sales approval on its biosimilars in about 100 countries by US FDA and Europe EMA.

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Largest exporter of biosimilars in Korea

Korea's #1 Biosimilar Manufacturer and Exporter

Celltrion, with an annual production capacity of 250,000L, is the largest manufacturer and exporter of biosimilars in Korea. Along with Remsima, Celltrion's first product, most products on the top 10 export performance list are Celltrion products.


Accumulated production success rate of biopharmaceuticals

World Class Production Capabilities and Quality Control System

Celltrion maintains a high production success rate of over 99% through continuous improvement of quality control policies leading to a long-term record of contamination- and accident-free production. In addition, the adequacy of production quality and facility standards is verified annually through audits conducted by regulatory authorities worldwide. Excellent quality levels are maintained through internal training, document management and risk management.


R&D personnel to all employees

Leader in Biotechnology Research

Celltrion's R&D personnel with masters and doctoral degrees account for around 33% of total employees. At the Global R&D Center, our R&D specialists are striving to develop new biosimilars as well as various new drugs and drug delivery platforms. In addition, Celltrion invests about 20% of its revenue every year in R&D, securing the foundation for continuous growth.