Celltrion’s Statement on the development of a therapeutic antibody treatment to combat COVID-19


■ Celltrion Group was among the first that have embarked on the development of a therapeutic antibody treatment and a diagnostic kit on the onset of the global spread of the novel coronavirus, in a bid to contribute to stopping what would escalate into the coronavirus pandemic.

■ As Celltrion Group Chairman Seo Jung-jin has said earlier, the development of these solutions is driven by our commitment to placing the public interest before our own. Simply put, we are acting on our responsibility as a faithful member of the global pharmaceutical community as we willingly step forward  to help address the global coronavirus pandemic.

■ Our researchers are working round the clock to contribute to the world’s common battle to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. We ensure that any significant progress is promptly, and transparently, shared with the world, because we would like to give the people a sense of hope that we are moving towards an end of these difficult times. 

■ We advise our investors to understand that our efforts to develop a coronavirus treatment and a  diagnostic kit are not commercially motivated, and their investment decisions should be made based on our business records and the underlying value of our product portfolio. 

■ Leading the global antibody biosimilar market, we have been growing continuously on the back of our robust fundamentals. With the successful development and global launches of monoclonal antibody biopharmaceuticals such as Remsima, Truxima, Herzuma, and Remsima SC, Celltrion is becoming a global pharmaceutical corporation representing South Korea. 

■ We ask for your continued interest in our vision for future growth as we continue to build upon our own technological capabilities and R&D know-how.