Response to Inquiries Regarding the Inclusion of Zymfentra in PBM Formularies


Celltrion has received numerous inquiries from shareholders and analysts about the inclusion of Zymfentra, the world’s first and only subcutaneous infliximab, in Pharmacy Benefit Manager(PBM) formularies since its launch.


We understand the significance of this request and are pleased to announce through our website that we have successfully closed a deal with one of the top three PBMs in the US, resulting in Zymfentra’s inclusion in their formulary.


We will provide further details once our discussions with the PBM are concluded.


  • As outlined during our recent Annual General Meeting, Celltrion has been actively engaging with various PBMs for the formulary inclusion of Zymfentra upon its launch in the US market. We are thrilled to report the successful closure of a significant deal with one of the three major PBMs, which collectively dominate a substantial portion of the insurance market in the US. This milestone is particularly noteworthy, given the achievement within just half a month since the product's launch. While we are excited to share the details of this agreement with you, we must adhere to contractual obligations, preventing us from disclosing the name of the PBM at this time.


  • With this latest agreement and additional contracts signed with multiple mid-sized PBMs, Zymfentra has captured approximately 40% of the private health insurance market, measured by the number of lives covered.  Notably, in certain Western US regions, Zymfentra has already been swiftly listed in the formulary of an insurer affiliated with the PBM, facilitating ongoing prescriptions.


  • In tandem with this achievement, Celltrion is actively implementing patient support programs to drive faster uptake of Zymfentra. For PBMs nearing the finalization of formulary listing agreements, Celltrion initiated the “Start Program” to offer temporary access for patients at no cost until payer coverage is established. Patients have started enrolling in this program with numerous inquiries about eligibility. Celltrion is also facilitating co-pay support for eligible patients, further expanding patient access to Zymfentra. These patient-centric initiatives are anticipated to fuel preferences for Zymfentra, thereby stimulating sales growth.


  • Chairman JungJin Seo, alongside the dedicated Celltrion USA team, has played a pivotal role in securing this landmark deal. Chairman Seo will continue actively engaging in the US market, fostering relationships with key stakeholders, including local medical professionals. Building upon this success, Celltrion is committed to expediting agreements with the remaining two major PBMs and small-to-mid-sized PBMs.


  • Our focus extends beyond the closure of PBM contracts; we are steadfast in our commitment to translate this accomplishment into tangible revenue. Celltrion remains dedicated to driving the success of Zymfentra while ensuring timely communication with our valued shareholders.



We extend our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and confidence in Celltrion.