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Research Achievements

The World’s First Antibody Biosimilar and Production Process Development


At Celltrion, we have 6 independent pipelines for developing therapeutic agents against cancer and autoimmune diseases

Celltrion has succeeded in developing Remsima, the world’s first approved mAb biosimilar, Herzuma, an mAb biosimilar for treatment of breast cancer, and Truxima, an mAb biosimilar targeting non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Celltrion continues to develop various mAb Biosimilars including Remsima SC.

Development of Novel Therapeutic Agents

At Celltrion, we are developing novel therapeutic agents including vaccines, Biobetters, and therapeutic agents for the treatment of infectious diseases

Celltrion has recently developed a novel therapeutic agent, CT-P27, which targets pandemic/seasonal influenza and is currently in global clinical trials. Furthermore, we have a variety of projects for the development of novel therapeutic agents including Biobetters, vaccines, and ADCs.
*Biobetter: Next generation biologics in which functions of original biologics have been improved
*ADC (Antibody-Drug Conjugate): Next generation antibody pharmaceuticals in which antibodies and chemically synthesized pharmaceuticals are conjugated

Development of Production Process

Establishment of Cell Lines, Development of Culture and Purification Processes, Optimization of Analytical Methods

Celltrion has established cell lines stably producing high protein titers and optimized process development to enable culture and purification of cell line-derived proteins. Using this R&D know-how, over a 95% success rate has been attained in the production of Celltrion’s antibody products.
*Cell Lines: Cell Lines are vital to the production of biologics products. A cell line is a specific line of immortalized cells to which antibody DNA, engineered through gene recombination technology, is introduced to produce the target proteins.

CMO(Contract Manufacturing Organization)

Process Development and Manufacturing

The research institute at Celltrion is highly recognized, both at home and abroad, for its sophisticated process development and high standard production technology. Celltrion has independent facilities where process development ranges from the production of materials for research to the manufacture of products for biologics companies around the globe.

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