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Reserch & Development Center

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Current Status of R&D Center

Celltrion R&D Center possesses technology and research expertise covering various areas of the biotechnology industry, including candidate molecule discovery for novel therapeutic agents, cell line development, and process development to support large-scale biologics production. Through its core technologies, R&D Center is aggressively developing next generation biologics that will strengthen the foundation of Celltrion’s business and support future growth. In particular, Celltrion R&D Center’s platform technology for generation of antibody-based drugs has enabled Celltrion to become a leader in the field of biologics. This platform technology is expected to drive development of next generation drugs such as novel biologics that target various viral diseases and of antibodies conjugated to chemically synthesized drugs.

There are over 250 scientists in R&D Center, 30% of whom hold PhD degrees. R&D Center maintains multiple research facilities that are well-organized to execute development of cell lines, cell culture and purification processes, and physicochemical and biological analytical methods. In addition, a Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory (BL2 Lab) separated from the main R&D building exists for the development of novel biologics that target infectious diseases.

Core Values of R&D Center

We Strive to Attain Global Competitiveness

We Strive to Attain Global Competitiveness R&D Center moves forwards in order to be a global leading biothecnology research institution and always strives to attain global competitiveness

We Recognize the Value of Success

R&D Center achieves success in the best way possible by recognizing the value of every development process – we see the fulfilling experience and feel rewarded by the little success every day, which we regard as the stepping stone for greater success in the near future.

We Progress through Talent Training

R&D Center promotes the individual researchers and R&D center as well, by training the well-trained and talented researchers, whom have in each field to acquire the right values, attitudes, and professionalism towards the future.

We Listen with an Open Heart

Celltrion R&D scientists build trust by listening to one another with sincerity and acquire expertise through their open acceptance of new information and technology. In this way, R&D Center is able to keep up with the rapidly changing and growing industry.

Roles and Responsibilities of R&D Center

Pipeline Development

Pipeline Development

Celltrion R&D discovers and develops the next generation biologics that can be the future growth power and the basis of future entrepreneurship for our nation.

Acquisition of Essential Biotechnology

Acquisition of Essential Biotechnology

Celltrion R&D attains, accumulates, and reinforces the know-how in order to acquire the well optimized technology and competitiveness that will lead the biotechnology industry.

Quality Improvement of Biologics

Quality Improvement of Biologics

Celltrion R&D improves the quality of biologics in order to develop more effective, safer, and advanced biologics.

Manufacturing Process Development and Enhancement

Manufacturing Process Development and Enhancement

Celltrion R&D Center develops and improves the manufacturing process in order to achieve price competitiveness and to maximize access to the therapeutics patients need.

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