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Celltrion, Truxima™ Europe official launcing in Europe … Start the first prescription in England


Truxima™ has been supplied to about 50 hospitals in England …Administration of the drugs to the patients with      hematoma and rheumatoid arthritis has been completed

- Switching of medication to some of the patients … positive market response following the first appearance of Rituximab biosimilar


[18, April, 2017] Celltrion presented starting official sales of its second biosimilar, Truxima™, which was approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in England.


Truxima™ is an antibody biosimilar used in treatments of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma which is a kind of hematological cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

Celltrion received approval for Truxima™ sales by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea last November, and also by European Medicines Agency (EMA) in February this year.


Since last April, Celltrion has provided Truxima™ to about 50 hospitals in England with its affiliate, Celltrion Healthcare, which is in charge of overseas marketing for the company products, and with Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the distribution partner in England; also, at each hospital, hundreds of blood cancer and rheumatoid arthritis patients were confirmed to have completed their first Truxima™ administration. Among these patients, they included the patients switched to Truxima™ from originator infliximab.


A Celltrion official said “Despite it’s early stage of launching, positive market sentiment for Truxima™ has been detected in Europe. With the advent of the first biosimilar of anticancer in Europe, patients all around the world, medical care and pharmaceutical makers are paying keen attention to the market reaction.” The company plans to increase the market share to block the entry of competitors, while increasing the confidence of the medical community based on accumulated prescription data.” The expert also added, “We will try to obtain licenses and sales for Truxima™ in the United States and other countries as soon as possible so that patients around the world can benefit from the biosimilar.,” 

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