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Celltrion Group, 15th anniversary ... pledges to reform to be Korea's leading biotech company in the world

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Seo Jung-jin, chairman of the Celltrion Group, is giving a congratulatory speech at the company's 15th anniversary ceremony. 

- A celebration of employees who created new success by solving continuous creative challenges since the company was founded in 2002

- Chairman Seo Jung-jin, with the 15th anniversary of its founding, promised to engage in challenges to achieve greater growth of the group.


[Feb 28, 2017]  The Celltrion Group invited employees and related personnel to the 15th anniversary event of its founding at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul (Founding date: February 26, 2002).


The commemorative ceremony was attended by more than 400 employees, including Chairman Seo Jung-jin and Executives from Celltrion Group affiliates. In addition, the Minister of Health and Welfare Chung Chin-youb, the Minister of Food and Drug Safety Sohn Mun-gi, Professor Yoo Dae Hyun of Hanyang University, governor of North Choongcheong Lee Si Jong, and Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok participated in the celebrations.


The commemorative ceremony started with a speech by Chairman Seo Jung-jin and other celebrities. In addition, Celltrion’s 15th Anniversary Photo Story Book, 'A way walked along, A way to walk together', was presented. It was a good opportunity to see the growth history of Celltrion. A ceremony was also held to celebrate employees who have served in the company for ten years or more.


Chairman Seo Jung-jin of the Celltrion Group said, "I would like to praise the efforts of the current and former employees who have devoted themselves day and night to the growth of Celltrion throughout 15 years since our establishment. I am also grateful to the people who believed in Celltrion's vision." Chairman Seo also emphasized that "it is important for the rapid growth of Celltrion this year, and I will not lose the spirit of our foundation for future growth."


Since its establishment in Songdo, Incheon on Feb. 26, 2002, Celltrion has overcome prejudices and doubts regarding the biopharmaceutical industry in Korea and has succeeded in accumulating technology through bold, large-scale investment in facilities and in the CMO business. Since then, Remsima, an antibody biosimilar that was developed in-house, was approved by regulatory agencies including the EMA and FDA for the first time in the world, and Celltrion has grown into a leading biotech company in Korea.


In the future, Celltrion will pursue a business strategy with a mid- to long-term growth roadmap by expanding their new drug pipeline to establish a sustainable growth structure. The company is planning to realize its vision to grow into a global 'Top 10' biopharmaceutical company through the first mover product family of Remsima, Truxima, and Herzuma, as well as its follow-on biologics product line.

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