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Business Strategy

We will grow into a global leading biologics company through phased business strategies.

  1. Build infrastructure and secure revenue model
    Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)

    • Large scale facility operation approved by U.S. FDA
    • Secure stable revenue for next step
    • Secure technology for the development of biosimilars
  2. Develop our own product
    Biosimilars / Biobetter

    • Develop and launch our own biologics
    • Accumulate technology and know-how in drug development and clinical trials
    • Establish global marketing and sales network
  3. Innovative Drug

    • Development of innovative antibodies and vaccines against various infectious (virus) diseases
    • Development of innovative novel monoclonal antibody biologics
    • Development of next-generation biologics with ADC technology
  4. Grow as a leading biologics company

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