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CDMO Partnering

Strategic Partnership: Development of New Biological Product through Celltrion's CDMO Capabilities

Business Goal

When struggling to bring your lead molecule to the market, Celltrion is the right partner for you.

Celltrion has accumulated expertise for development, manufacturing, clinical operation and regulatory affairs through biosimilar development.

Celltrion is seeking potential strategic allies open to pursuing various forms of collaborative opportunities including, but not limited to, licensing and co-development.

Potential partnering companies are supported through Celltrion's pre-commercial expertise at various value-chain stages, which will enable cost saving in development and manufacturing.

Celltrion's CDMO Capabilities

Celltrion offers the full range of service scope from upstream, downstream process development, and manufacturing service to clinical study and IND package

Celltrion's CDMO Workflow

If you have any questions, please contact us at BusinessDevelopment@celltrion.com

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