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A Novel Paradigm for biologics in Happier ‘Life’ of Humanity

Celltrion, the new pioneer of the global biologics market has been contributing to the history of biosimilars.

Celltrion is a global biologics leading company having its main business as biosimilar, novel biologics, and CMO. Celltrion bravely took the first step forward in developing an antibody biosimilar, when everyone else in the field thought it was impossible during the period when the term biosimilar itself was unfamiliar. Celltrion succeeded in obtaining a license for the novel biologics in 2012 for the first time in the world. Celltrion went on to achieve a remarkable feat of entering into the global market for the first time in the nation with its unquenchable innovative spirit, creativity, and keen insight that is ahead of our time. Naturally, Celltrion has become the leading biologics company in the Korean biologics industry as the pioneer of the biotechnology industry.

We contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of humanity while creating new value in the world’s biologics market.

Celltrion is concentrating its capacities on the development of innovative novel biologics, such as bio-betters, ADC, and therapeutic agents for influenza, based on the technologies and production capacities accumulated through developing the antibody biosimilar. Celltrion, which is the new pioneer of the global biologics market, will make efforts for a happier life of humanity by supplying superior quality biologics while remaining inexpensive, in various countries around the world.

Woo Sung Kee
Main business
Development and production of biologics
Business site
Incheon, Korea (Headquarters)
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