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A message from CEO

Celltrion is becoming a global leading biologics company.

We at Celltrion,
are committed to bringing value to people
by helping them achieve healthier lives,

and by doing so, hope to promote the health
and welfare of mankind.

Chairman Jung jin Seo

Since its foundation in 2002, we have made significant investments in human resources, facilities and technology to become a global biologics company. Celltrion develops, manufactures, and distributes therapeutics based on Recombinant DNA and molecular biology.

"Advanced Therapeutics within Everyone's Reach"

Our corporate slogan embodies the duties and responsibilities of Celltrion.
We strive to create a new paradigm in the global biologics industry by offering alternative solutions for advanced therapeutics.
We are committed to providing affordable drugs to patients who previously had limited access to advanced therapeutics, in particular, those hindered by the high cost and relative shortage of antibody biologics.

During the decade, we were confronted with the daunting task of building the necessary capacity and technologies. We grappled with the great complexity of developing biosimilar mAbs as well as regulatory hurdles. But with an indomitable spirit, we have taken these challenges head on, relentlessly yet methodically pursuing research and development in promising projects and investing accordingly

Fast forward to 2012, having received marketing approval for RemsimaTM, the world's first biosimilar mAb, we have not only created a new market which credibly challenges the dominance of the world's leading multinational pharmaceutical companies but also secured a favorable position to dominate this market for many years to come.

At Celltrion, we shall continue to spearhead the future of biologics industry. We will continue to perform our roles and responsibilities as a biologics company that serves the needs of patients throughout the world. We are committed to our mission of promoting the health and welfare of the global community by developing biosimilars as well as innovative next-generation drugs.

Celltrion Chairman, Jung Jin Seo

“A coexisting tomorrow will be created"
"for the happiness of humanity"

기우성 · 김형기 사장

Celltrion is a biologics company that created new opportunities for the domestic pharmaceuticals industry, which was small in size, to newly take off by shifting the paradigm of the global biologics market which had been monopolized by a small number of multinational pharmaceutical companies. Celltrion achieved this goal by attaining success in developing ‘Remsima,’ an antibody biosimilar, for the first time in the world.

Various domestic and international companies have recently been trying to enter the biologics market, however, no company could easily make such attempts at the time and Celltrion first chose to walk on this path. A huge amount of capital and technical power was necessary, and success could not be guaranteed. The path had been more difficult and lonely.

However, the employees of Celltrion had a dream. They had the dream to benefit more patients by developing biosimilars to replace the expensive biologics, and the dream to develop into a world-class biologics company through the development ofinnovative novel biologics. This dream was able to become a reality based on thorough strategy, deep conviction, and endless pursuit.

Celltrion constructed the foundation for the biosimilar business through consigned production of biologics, and through this, achieved a creative business model through accumulating know-hows and technologies, and thus finally overcame the limits of market entry.

And just like the past days of achieving the dream by pursuing a path that nobody had gone through, Celltrion will not stop its footsteps toward the future.

Celltrion will lead the global biologics market by putting forward the first-mover Biosimilar products, such as Truxima, a therapeutic agent for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and Herzuma, a therapeutic agent for breast cancer, in addition to Remsima, which already obtained sales licenses in 83 countries over the world, including the United States.

Moreover, we will strive toward the corporate vision of developing into a ‘Global Top 10 Bio Company’ through developing new biologicss CT-P27 (influenza antibody medicine) and CT-P26 (antibody ADC) and biosimilars such as CT-P17 (Humira biosimilar) and CT-P16 (Avastin biosimilar) which hold differentiated competitiveness.

Furthermore, Celltrion will make best efforts to become a company making contributions to humanity so that we may all live more healthily, by supplying more effective but inexpensive medicine to the patients around the globe, instead of merely becoming a company achieving external growth.

We request for your continuing interest and encouragement to Celltrion, as we will be once again taking a bold leap forward into becoming the world's No.1 biologics company. Thank you.

Celltrion Vice Chairman&CEO Woo Sung Kee

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